That’s Who We R | Fighting for Our Community & Fellow REALTORSⓇ By Rhett Brown

May 14 2020

“That’s Who We R” functions as a rallying cry, instilling pride in REALTORS®’ everyday actions and all the ways they go above and beyond to improve the lives of their clients, consumers, and their communities (NAR Campaign). Clients and consumers who have used a REALTOR® know the value they bring to their individual transactions, particularly when it comes to problem solving. What isn’t as well-known is the value REALTORS® bring to the community, which is fighting for real property and small business rights, regardless of whether you own property or are a REALTOR®. As a director for both the local and state association boards, I have witnessed firsthand how well-respected and powerful our state and national lobbyists are through the relationships they build and their dedication to help our legislative representatives understand the importance of what we support. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic abruptly brought about a huge change to our world, NAR worked swiftly, along with the state lobbyists, to urge our government to protect not only small businesses, but all independent contractors, not just real estate. That lobbying resulted in huge wins, as protecting independent contractors has previously been unprecedented. Greater Greenville Association of REALTORSⓇ (GGAR) and South Carolina REALTORSⓇ (SCR) advocated for REALTORSⓇ to maintain an essential status, so they could continue to work during the “Home or Work” executive order. We also fought to ensure that necessary government offices, like the Register of Deeds office, were able to stay open to continue to support REALTORSⓇ in their closings. We recognized that while we were still in business, it would not be business as usual. GGAR and SCR made resources readily available for the safest practices and creative solutions during this time.

I could not be more proud to be a part of a group of people who mobilize so quickly to be the voice of the community. They have supported everything from extending flood insurance to speaking on behalf of non-occupant home owners who have no voting rights on whether their property may be allowed short-term rentals. I am in awe of how our leadership nurtures relationships with other leaders in our community – locally, statewide and nationwide – so that when we need a “seat at the table,” we are welcome.

So, when you see our slogan: “That’s Who We R,” may it remind you that we “R” exceptional because we adhere to a code of ethics; we advocate for our communities, as well as our own members; we are backed by the nation’s largest professional trade association and we mobilize swiftly to advocate for our community.  The “That’s Who We R” slogan signifies our values and is a reminder that we “R” in this together. 


Greenville’s Growth & The Pivotal Peak of Opportunity | Mark Martin

April 28 2020

Greenville offers a harmonious union of two commonly opposing characteristics: strong town and thriving metropolis. Greenville is nestled along I-85 midway between the notable southern cities of Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina. This allows it to be the most intriguing of paradoxes: the place with big city promise yet small-town hospitality.

Greenville is a mid-sized metro area with a low cost of living, consistently temperate weather, exceptional healthcare, and awarding-winning school systems. These attributes garner an invaluable investment for Greenville citizens which is an unmatched quality of life. Being raised in Greenville breeds my deep appreciation of the city, but being a seasoned Realtor® for over 15 years allows me to understand how these elements have been essential to successful growth.

This is not the part of the article where I include a “however” but instead I include an asterisk. This asterisk represents the growth of Greenville which opens the floodgates for ingenuity, creativity, flexibility and out-of-the-box strategies for how we keep Greenville the delicate balance that national arenas have praised.

In my professional and personal experience, I have witnessed how Greenville is an incredible think-tank filled with curious citizens. We undoubtedly face challenges with infrastructure and capacity load and we will need to collaborate and work together as a community to discover solutions, but with this growth comes exhilarating possibilities and opportunities. This is more than finding a way to cut down on the time it takes to get to point A to point B. This is about how we cultivate inclusive, innovative and holistic growth.

One of the key drivers of Greenville’s growth is that local governments have worked hard to form strong alliances and partnerships with the private sector and industries that emphasize large job opportunities. This has created a surge in automotive, health, advanced materials, bio-sciences, and aviation. These surges lead to an influx of culture and diversity – new food experiences, different recreational activities, and overall exchange of ideas and community project collaborations. This is a momentous time in Greenville’s history and we have the opportunity to  be good stewards amidst growth. Ask yourself the following. How can we help Greenville grow with authenticity, thoughtful design and all around flare?


The Land of Condos and Townhomes | Greenville’s Ever-Evolving, Emerging Market by Celeste Purdie

April 13 2020

Right now there is a lot of buzz about condos and townhomes in Greenville, and rightfully so. Greenville County’s condominium and townhome communities are expanding while providing opportunities that cater to different lifestyles. 

While an individual’s reason and intention for moving is always unique, I’ve seen a few common trends among those who are searching for condos and townhomes. 

The first trend I’ve experienced is young professionals looking for their first home purchase. They would like to build equity and, in some cases, are saving money in comparison to the increasing rate of rent. These reasons, in addition to avoiding the costs of home maintenance, make condos and townhomes a good deal. The next trend is eager re-locators hoping to expand their horizons in a bustling city with an equally attractive culture. Condo and townhome communities can be in close proximity to Greenville’s highly populated urban areas. The third trend is the downsizing couple who still desires to own real estate with flexible living.  Greenville’s landscape caters to these trends with its expansive condo and townhome communities.

Currently, there are 200 condos and townhomes for sale in Greenville County. GGAR MLS (multiple listing services) offers insights on the popularity of Greenville condos and townhomes. 

Did you know that between January 1, 2020 and March 24, 2020, 154 condos and townhomes, between $100,000 and $300,000, were sold? I consider that a big deal for such a short amount of time. They are also selling quickly with 69 of those condos and townhomes being sold in under 30 days of being on the market. There’s even more data to support the trend of popularity with 16 of those properties being sold the same day they were introduced to the market! 






Your Time is Now: Buyers Edition by Valerie Miller + Partners

April 13 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has created an unprecedented time in the real estate industry. But in this time of uncertainty, there is also a time for opportunity. In real estate, our team always recommends making thoughtful and informed decisions based on consultation, research and reflection. We want to be a resource for anyone looking for assistance and guidance. 

As the markets continue to progress and change, there are several reasons why this could be a good time to buy a home. According to the New York Times, mortgage rates have dropped drastically which opens more buying power and additional homes to consider. In comparison, in 2018 the mortgage rates hit a 4.94% high and on March 1st, 2020 the rate dropped to 3.45% (Freddie Mac Primary Mortgage Rate Survey). Banks and mortgage brokers have seen an influx of customers seeking to refinance their loans at these lower rates. In some cases, the increase in customers was so acute that mortgage lenders had to adjust their rates to slow demand.

Another reason to consider buying a home is the current buyer landscape has slowed. According to Trulia, spring produces a rush of potential buyers which means higher frequency of bidding wars and more competitive prices. In light of the Coronavirus, casual buyers are more likely to opt out of looking for homes and there will be fewer serious buyers to place bids on highly sought-after properties. 

Experts are predicting a recession, but a recession shouldn’t impact the values of homes. According to MarketWatch, this next recession is actually unlikely to prompt a major downturn in housing. Historically, home price appreciation continued during previous downturns. The National Association of Realtors reported that in past downturns, home price appreciation continued at an even rate with existing home sale growth only slightly edging downward.

It is important to note that we are still observing the ripple effect of COVID-19, so we are not declaring that these observations are infallible. However, in our commitment to serve our clients, we wanted to share information that may help you in your decision making. Please be assured that we will continue to have your back and support you through this unfamiliar time. 


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Kawena Wiggins

“As first time home buyers you guys made this whole experience much less stressful than what we thought it would be! Words could not express how much we appreciate y’all.”

-  Kawena Wiggins

Ashley Clark

“They were quick to return calls and emails, day or night, including weekends. They accompanied us all over Greenville and surrounding areas looking at houses for weeks until we found the one. Their wisdom and guidance was second to none.”

- Ashley Clark

Chiquita Weaver

“We have had an excellent experience with Marchant Company. Maintenance is completed by reputable service persons in a timely fashion and the Marchant staff is both friendly and professional.”

- Chiquita Weaver

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“Excellent company to buy or rent from! The staff is very friendly and helpful! Excellent!”

- Marcus LP Jenning

Ray Smerdon

”It was truly a great experience working with Lora! She was very professional and thoughtful; she worked extremely hard for me and had my house sold very quickly. She kept me informed and went above and beyond my expectations. Truly a great Agent!!”


-Ray Smerdon

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- Elizabeth Douglas

Amanda Long

“It has been a pleasure to work with Selena Riddle during the home-buying process. She has been communicative, prompt, professional, and most of all, kind. She is extremely knowledgeable about all the ins and outs of this process and I couldn’t be more pleased with the service I’ve received.”

- Amanda Long

Jessica S

“I can not say enough about my experience working with Rhett Brown. She is absolutely AMAZING! She is always punctual, communicative, and will make this as seamless as possible. My family and I can not thank her enough for her help, expertise, and knowledge during the sale. Rhett, you are THE BEST!!”

- Jessica S

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