Greenville’s Growth & The Pivotal Peak of Opportunity | Mark Martin

Greenville offers a harmonious union of two commonly opposing characteristics: strong town and thriving metropolis. Greenville is nestled along I-85 midway between the notable southern cities of Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina. This allows it to be the most intriguing of paradoxes: the place with big city promise yet small-town hospitality.

Greenville is a mid-sized metro area with a low cost of living, consistently temperate weather, exceptional healthcare, and awarding-winning school systems. These attributes garner an invaluable investment for Greenville citizens which is an unmatched quality of life. Being raised in Greenville breeds my deep appreciation of the city, but being a seasoned Realtor® for over 15 years allows me to understand how these elements have been essential to successful growth.

This is not the part of the article where I include a “however” but instead I include an asterisk. This asterisk represents the growth of Greenville which opens the floodgates for ingenuity, creativity, flexibility and out-of-the-box strategies for how we keep Greenville the delicate balance that national arenas have praised.

In my professional and personal experience, I have witnessed how Greenville is an incredible think-tank filled with curious citizens. We undoubtedly face challenges with infrastructure and capacity load and we will need to collaborate and work together as a community to discover solutions, but with this growth comes exhilarating possibilities and opportunities. This is more than finding a way to cut down on the time it takes to get to point A to point B. This is about how we cultivate inclusive, innovative and holistic growth.

One of the key drivers of Greenville’s growth is that local governments have worked hard to form strong alliances and partnerships with the private sector and industries that emphasize large job opportunities. This has created a surge in automotive, health, advanced materials, bio-sciences, and aviation. These surges lead to an influx of culture and diversity – new food experiences, different recreational activities, and overall exchange of ideas and community project collaborations. This is a momentous time in Greenville’s history and we have the opportunity to  be good stewards amidst growth. Ask yourself the following. How can we help Greenville grow with authenticity, thoughtful design and all around flare?